Admission for Non-Maharashtra Board of Education

Admission procedure for the students passing S.S.C. exam other than Maharashtra Board of Education:

Documents Required

  • The students who have passed the public examinations of the statutory Board, Recognized Bodies and Universities outside the Maharashtra State will have to produce the Eligibility Certificate.
  • Students who will be required to submit Eligibility Certificates shall apply in a prescribed form, to the Divisional Secretary, along with a fee & other expenses of Rs.300 (Forms will be provided by college at a cost of Rs.10/-)
  • The Divisional Secretary will issue Eligibility Certificate, as per instruction given to him by the State Board.

The following Certificates will have to be submitted for getting the Final Eligibility from Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary, till that time his/her admission will be considered as  provisional admission.

  1. Passing certificate of the last Public Examination passed. Statement of marks of Std. X/XI
  2. Migration certificate in original from the Statutory Board, Recognized body of University including the examination passed.
  3. School Leaving Certificate/Transfer certificate counter signed by the appropriate educational authority.
  4. Deed of undertaking on Stamp paper of Rs.20/- (Deed of undertaking format available at college office)
  5. If final Eligibility is not received from the Divisional Board in time the candidate may not be allowed to appear for the F.Y.J.C. final Examination.
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